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Route 7 News Updates

The Route 7 Coalition will issue quarterly newsletters, beginning in October 2001. These will contain updates and developments during the process of constructing the Route 7 Expressway.

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If you would like to be added to our mailing list to receive quarterly Route 7 Bulletins, please send an e-mail to

SEPTEMBER 5, 2001: The Route 7 Coalition held its first meeting at Western Connecticut State Univerisity in Danbury, CT. The meeting was a joint meeting with members of the Committee for the Extension of the Route 7 Expressway, based in Wilton. In attendance from the Route 7 Coalition were Dan Pagliaro and Mike Erickson. From the Committee for the Extension of Route 7 were Alan Weaver, Beth Ann Morgan, Barbara Quincy, Ken Boehm, and Jack Morrisroe.

The Route 7 Coalition has announced that it will join the Committee for the Extension of Route 7 at the annual Norwalk Oyster Festival on Saturday, September 8th.

Participants in the meeting discussed the possibility of members from the Route 7 Coalition to conduct air impact studies for the two Route 7 alternatives: widening the existing road, or a new expressway.

Mr. Pagliaro also discussed the issue of logistics in the Danbury area. He noted that Danbury has a large immigrant population that is likely to be oblivious to the Route 7 issue. He suggested that more support for the Route 7 Expressway may be attainable by reaching out to the immigrant community in Danbury. In order to accomplish this, information on Route 7 could be presented in Spanish, one of the dominant languages among Danbury's immigrant population.

SEPTEMBER 8, 2001: The Route 7 Coalition joined the Committee for the Extension of the Route 7 Expressway at the annual Norwalk Oyster Festival. Information packets favoring the Expressway were distributed, as well as petitions were circulated to visitors. At least 300 signatures were collected from 12:00 Noon to 6:00 PM, with additional signatures collected during the remainder of the festival.