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Route 7 Corridor Improvements

New Milford Widening Projects

New Milford Project Photos!!

The upgrading of Route 7/202 from the proposed terminus of the Brookfield Bypass at the New Milford-Brookfield town line to Veterans Bridge at the Routes 7/202/67 split will be divided into seven different projects. While each project generally focuses on widening the existing road, some include replacing bridges, realigning intersections and relocating utilities. Each project is described below:

Rapid commercial development along Route 7/202 in southern New Milford has led to severe congestion. Major widening to the existing road is necessary to help improve traffic flow. Additionally, the construction of New Milford High School on Route 7 adds 2000 more vehicles per-day on an already overburdened road.

The widening of Route 7 in New Milford is being done through seven contracts in two sections:

NORTHERN SECTION (Click Here to Visit the Construction Site!)-Consists of widening Route 7 from 2 to 4 lanes from Lanesville Road north to Veterans Bridge. In addition to the widening, one contract calls for the installation of a new sanitary sewer line in the Lanesville Road vicinity, as well as flood mitigation just north of the intersection with Routes 202 and 67 at Veterans Bridge. Exclusive left turn lanes will be added where necessary, and the replacement of a small bridge over a creek is included. The project cost is approximately $12 million and will take 2 years to complete.

Bids were opened on the project on March 16, 2002. However, the bids were thrown out when Clifford St. John Developers petitioned the Department of Transportation and Department of Environmental Protection to conduct new public hearings concerning flood mitigation at the northern end of the project. In order to prevent flooding of Route 7, the original DOT plan was to raise the level of Route 7, while lowering part of Clifford St. John property five inches.
Public hearings were held on May 22, and rebidding may take place as early as September 2002.

SOUTHERN SECTION: South of Lanesville Road to the Brookfield town line, Route 7 will be widened from 2 lanes to 4 lanes, with a 20-foot median separating opposing lanes of traffic. Left turn lanes will be added where necessary. The Connecticut Department of Transportation is currently acquiring land and seeking wetlands permits for this project. Bidding for the project is anticipated for Spring 2003, with construction expected to start by the fall of 2003.