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Route 7 Corridor Improvements

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What's New?

We are always updating our website, so all of the latest additions and changes will be here.

"Super 7: Norwalk to Danbury by 2015!"

NOVEMBER 21, 2004: Added pictures from New Milford showing completed 4-lane section of Route 7, and ongoing construction near Veterans Bridge.

MARCH 23, 2004: Added updates for widening in New Milford.

SEPTEMBER 27, 2002: The Route 7 Coalition is dissolved, but this site will continue to be updated as progress continues on improvements in the Route 7 corridor.

AUGUST 8, 2002: Added first New Milford project photos (prior to construction north of Lanesville Road), as well as a new page comparing several alternatives for improving gridlock in the Route 7 corridor.
JULY 6, 2002: Updated information on Route 7 reconstruction in New Milford and Ridgefield. Made updates and revisions to Emergency Routes page, including facts about Fairfield County's proximity to the Indian Point nuclear power plant in Buchanan, NY.
JUNE 2, 2002: Updated Brookfield and New Milford pages to include latest news on projects at the northern end of the Route 7 corridor.
FEBRUARY 28, 2002: New page detailing plans to complete the Route 7/15 interchange in Norwalk, as well as a brief overview of that project. First Route 7 projects are up for bids, with construction to start in May 2002. Four projects to widen Route 7 from Lanesville Road to Veterans Bridge in New Milford set to get underway.
JANUARY 17, 2002: Updates to Brookfield Bypass and New Milford Widening pages to include recent developments and activity in these areas. It appears that there's a light at the end of the tunnel for New Milford, as the first projects for widening Route 7 have received the green light.

OCTOBER 4, 2001: Some updates to the Recent Route 7 News page. Route 7 Icon added to homepage, and the order of chronology on the What's New page reversed, so the latest updates appear at the top.

SEPTEMBER 4, 2001: The ROute 7 Forum is now available for visitors to give us their opinions on Route 7. In addition to this, the Route 7 Survey is available. A page detailing the procedures for the design and construction for the Route 7 Expressway is now available.

AUGUST 3, 2001: Updated New Milford Widening page to include new information. The State Bond Commission has approved state funds to be applied to the $12 million reconstruction of Route 7 in New Milford.

JULY 25, 2001: A survey was added for our visitors to have an opportunity to voice their opinion on completing the 15 mile Norwalk-Expressway as well as the 3 mile Brookfield Bypass.

JULY 17, 2001: New e-mail address for users to send their feedback to us: webmaster@us-7.zzn.com. Also, the text size was increased for better viewing. Thanks to those who e-mailed us recommending larger text sizes.

JULY 8, 2001: Page added detailing the DOT's plans to improve I-84/US-7 in Danbury. The Coalition offers its opinions about the DOT's plan for this gridlocked section of the Route 7 corridor.

JULY 1, 2001: Route 7 Coalition launches its website.